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Carini Voices is a premier voice studio offering lessons for young singers looking to develop fundamental skills and for more experienced singers seeking to refine their technique. Lessons are available for young singers who want to learn how to sing, to prepare for an audition, or to improve their singing technique.

Cara Schaefer
Cara Schaefer

Carini Voices’ founder and instructor, Cara Schaefer, is a professional opera singer and a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). She provides guidance and instruction for young singers across a range of musical styles, including musical theater, classical, and popular. Under her guidance, Carini students regularly participate in and succeed in regional and national voice competitions.

Located in the Washington, D.C. area, Carini Voices offers in-person voice lessons for young singers from the region and via Zoom for students from other locales. Please note: during the current Covid-19 pandemic, all voice lessons, whether local or long distance, take place via Zoom.

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Voice Lessons for Young Singers

Carini Voices offers a number of different voice lesson options for our students. All lessons include vocal exercises, rehearsal of repertoire, and setting up goals for the future.

One Hour Lesson. Our most common booking is for an hour of voice lessons. The hour guarantees that adequate time can be spent in both exercises and repertoire rehearsal. And it’s the best value. Book a One-Hour Lesson

45-Minute Lesson. Sometimes, an hour is tough to come by in a busy schedule. The forty-five-minute lesson allows for the work of exercises and rehearsal in a somewhat more compact timeframe. Book a 45-Minute Lesson

30-Minute Lesson. Our thirty-minute lesson is reserved for younger children who do not yet have the stamina for longer practices. Please contact us to receive permission to schedule a thirty-minute lesson before booking one. Contact the Studio